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Our initial impression was confirmed as Kasarne went through our case with us. At all times she was extremely professional, kept us well informed and worked tirelessly. Her knowledge of the medico legal world ensured we were able to convincingly substantiate our claim. We were very happy with both the process and our final result and would unreservedly recommend Kasarne.

J. Harper
Honoured to be recognized by:

I’m so happy with result you guys 😊 honestly this is a massive thing to me… I will be able to pay my mortgage off and get back in front in life… you guys have changed my life for the better after all of this and I just wanted to let you know.


Our journey through a medical negligence case was emotionally challenging. Kasarne took the time to thoroughly understand the intricacies of our case, ensuring no detail was overlooked and keeping us informed about the legal process and potential outcomes.

Throughout the difficult time over nearly three years, Kasarne and her team promptly responded to our inquiries, provided regular updates. Eventually, we achieved a favourable settlement in September 2023. The outcome not only provided the financial support needed for my daughter’s continued medical care but also brought a sense of closure to a challenging chapter in our lives.
If you are in search of a dedicated and skilled solicitor to handle a medical negligence case, I wholeheartedly recommend Kasarne and her team.


Having suffered injury I originally retained another firm of lawyers and lived to regret it. Through internet search I came upon Burgan lawyers. I still can not believe my good fortune of finding and retaining Kasarne. She is an amazing example of professionalism and absolute credit to her profession. Her integrity, kindness, absolute motivation to her profession is second to none. I alway felt cared for, important, listened too, it felt like and it is a boutique lawyers firm that had only me and my interests at the forefront, and that is sheer luxury nowadays and I can just imagine the hard work and dedication put in by Kasarne. It is no wonder the Doyle’s quite keeps putting her firm as the best year after year. My case has settled recently and needless to say I am really pleased with the result. Please do yourself a favour and retain Kasarne, it will be the best decision you will ever make.


Kasarne and her team here at Burgan Lawyers have provided the highest level of assistance in my complicated case. They were professional, supportive and hard working, and were there to aid me in every step of the process.I have enjoyed working with the Burgan team and would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs legal assistance with personal injury claims.

A. Kulagin

Kasarne and the team at Burgan Lawyers helped me through some of the toughest days of my life and turned it into a positive. Not only getting a financial result but with a thorough understanding of the medico legal world and simply taking the time to assist & having a genuine care factor for myself by seeking leaders within the medical field to make sure I was able to get back to some sort of normality in life. I simply cannot recommend Kasarne and her team highly enough!



Thank you all so so much.

You took my case on with difficult circumstances and provided a positive outcome.

Kind regards


Kasarne and her team at Burgan Lawyers are a kind and compassionate team to have in your corner during difficult times. Not only were they supportive, they fought non stop for my justice and fairness.

B. Dalley

From the first meeting with Kasarne we knew we were in good hands. She was compassionate and we really felt that she would fight for the right result for us. Our initial impression was confirmed as Kasarne went through our case with us. At all times she was extremely professional, kept us well informed and worked tirelessly. Her knowledge of the medico legal world ensured we were able to convincingly substantiate our claim. We were very happy with both the process and our final result and would unreservedly recommend Kasarne.

J. Harper

Going through the pain, cost and inconvenience of an accident resulting in a physical injury with potentially long term implication/s can be a very worrying experience.
With no personal experience in compensation claims, I would like to acknowledge the excellent service provided by Kasarne of Burgan Lawyers. As a result, the journey for me and my family was made easier to manage under potentially difficult circumstances.

The service provided was both informative and professional and delivered in a caring and friendly manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kasarne of Burgan Lawyers to anyone who is in need of professional advice in such circumstances.

Robyn McKeon

After experiencing a traumatic birth which left me with permanent injury I was reluctant to put myself through years of examination and questioning by taking on a medical negligence claim. I am so glad I did! Kasarne has made the experience seemingly effortless. She has been caring and considerate while maintaining a very professional manner. I must add the professionals whom she has selected to advise on the case have been of high standard and also caring and considerate to my very personal and intimate injury. I would highly recommend Kasarne especially to any woman who experienced birth trauma.

Naomi Blount

After suffering a horrific injury under difficult personal circumstances I was reluctant to seek compensation. I was concerned my mental health would suffer and that the compensation wouldn’t be worth the hassle. Kasarne was recommended to me by a family friend in the industry and she was a godsend. She was thoughtful and caring whilst remaining totally professional. Kasarne thoroughly explained everything and allowed me to make decisions with her guidance. I truely believe she had my best interest in the forefront of her mind. Kasarne worked very hard on my case, she was upfront and set realistic expectations and we were all extremely pleased with the outcome. I couldn’t thank her enough.


Having never engaged a personal compensation lawyer before, I was nervous to say the least, but after meeting with Kasarne she instantly made me feel at ease. I felt she cared and sympathised with my situation whilst remaining incredibly professional throughout the processs. I believe Kasarne was genuinely seeking the best possible result for me and went out of her way to ensure costs were minimised. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kasarne and Burgan Lawyers to my family and friends should the need arise.


I have to admit to being somewhat nervous about lawyers generally. In my work, lawyers are the most challenging people I have to deal with. When I had my accident, I almost didn’t do anything about it because I didn’t think I could find a lawyer I could truly trust. I spoke with a number of lawyers at a range of firms and only had my concerns reinforced. Fortunately, a close friend referred me to Kasarne. Based on our initial meetings, where I really felt my concerns and priorities were heard, I decided to retain Kasarne, and Burgan Lawyers, to handle my case. I am delighted I did. Kasarne has been responsive and focused not just on the case, but on my priorities and concerns as well. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kasarne, and Burgan Lawyers, to anyone who is looking for a law firm to handle their legal concerns.


After an arduous, very delayed and complex inquest my family found ourselves requiring advocacy for civil action, but were all drained and hurting from the experience. We did have the benefit of referrals from well respected and experienced legal professionals. In working through theses referrals we explained our case to, and received advice from several professionals. In this we found Kasarne Burgan to be the clear choice to take us forward. Kasarne’s integrity has been clear to us from the outset, not only in the obvious respect she has gained from these referring peers, but also in her reassuring application of compassion, attention and professionalism. We feel assured that our best interests are Kasarne’s driving motivation and have every confidence in her advocacy. I would have no hesitation in referring my friends or colleagues to Burgan Lawyers.

Adam Mawby

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